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How to Choose a Dog Harness

Whether you’re a new dog parent or an old-timer, it’s important to get your dog the right harness, if only make those walks easier and more enjoyable. When shopping around, pay attention to the following before buying anything:

Good Connection

First off, decide where the leash and the harness must be connected. Keep in mind that harnesses can be one of two key types – front clip or black clip. Front-clip harnesses give you more control over your pet’s behavior, but that doesn’t always mean an aggressive dog will be tamed by this alone. Such a harness can tangle below his front legs as well. Back-clip harnesses, on the other hand, are way more comfortable and near-effortless to wear, and protect the neck.


With the back-clip as well as the side-clip harnesses, be sure to assess the thickness of the harness. Measure your dog and see the right thickness and size according to his breed and age. Also check the fit from time to time, particularly for young dogs that can grow out of a design fast.

Padding vs.

Short-haired breeds usually benefit from padding, which lets them avoid skin irritation from rubbing. Additionally, padded harnesses can up your dog’s style, encouraging you to take him out for more energizing walks .

Your Needs

Choose a pet store where you will be able to fit different harnesses on your dog prior to buying one. Many places come with distractions that catch your dog’s interest, which is a great way to test out harnesses that will probably keep him well-behaved.

Long-Term Benefits

You have to check how the harness grows and adjusts as your dog moves about. As soon as you get the harness on your pet, observe his reactions while he walks around. Also check the material that the harness is made of. Be happy to pay a higher price for quality. You might pick certain materials for certain advantages too. You might choose for leather, for example, because it feels smooth after a polishing and makes skin irritation unlikely. You may also prefer nylon for quick and easy washing. Other factors you should consider when choosing a dog harness are your pet’s size, allergies, and skin quality.

Harness with Reflector

If you usually walk your dog during the early hours of the morning or the later hours of the evening, a reflectorized harness can be a good investment. This will help ensure that you are both visible to traffic and thus safer. Reflectorized harnesses will probably cost more than the others, but they are definitely worth the extra expense.
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